DVD Review: Braquo – The Complete Season Four


Eddy Caplan confronts the Turkish Mafia in an explosive final season.

The hardest-hitting series on French TV. Compared to The Wire, The Shield, and Breaking Bad, it was created by former police officer turned screenwriter Olivier Marchal. Hyper violent, filled with Michael Mann-style shootings, torture, and murder, the series gripped France and has become a cult smash in the UK and USA.

braquo-s4_4Fans had been led to believe that the third season was to be the final outing for Eddy Caplin and his crew but with too many plot lines left dangling it was inevitable that one further batch of episodes would bring a definitive end to the story of France’s most brutal screen detectives.

Jean-Hugues Anglade (Betty Blue) plays morally compromised cop Eddy Caplin. After a colleague’s suicide Eddy and his team crossed the line as they set out to clear the deceased’s name. At the start of the fourth season the team takes on the Turkish Mafia and confront’s Marseille’s godfather. Eddy visits his brother in prison and asks him to arrange an execution. Chief Superintendent Henri Brabant (Thierry René) has been sent by Internal Affairs to keep an eye on Caplan and his cohorts.


When series creator Olivier Marchal departed after the first season critics accused the show of becoming ever more preposterous and losing its bite. This final series maintains its trademark levels of violence, murky characters and unexpected plot twists. Bowing out with a run that once again blurs the boundary between police officers and criminals the fourth season restores Braquo‘s reputation as it comes close to matching the quality of its first series.
After a previous false alarm fans might be tempted to think Braquo will return for a fifth season but the producers have unequivocally stated this is the definitive end. This viscerally exciting series is an essential purchase for those who like hard-edged and occasionally bonkers crime drama.

Braquo – The Complete Season Four is available to order from Amazon.


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