DVD Review: All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride


Deck the halls with boughs of hygge: Mesmerising journey across a frozen wilderness.

With no commentary or music, and just the sound of hoofs crunching in the snow and reindeer bells, All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride is a hypnotic introduction to the lifestyle of a pair of Sami tribeswomen as they cross an ancient route on their reindeer sleigh.

A huge hit for BBC Four when it first aired in 2015, this eccentric documentary is an easy way to introduce a little hygge into your home. If you want to escape the hectic pace of the run-up to Christmas, then insert the disc into your player and lose yourself in an enchanting and relaxing experience.


Shot from the point-of-view of a reindeer herder, All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride takes viewers on a very special journey across a snow-drenched wilderness. Filmed in Karasjok, Norway, it follows an ancient route used by the Sami people. Showing awe-inspiring scenery not usually seen by anyone except the indigenous culture, this real-time documentary follows a three-mile trail 200 miles north of the Artic Circle. Until the 1970s the region didn’t have a road so for centuries the only way to cross it was via reindeer sleigh.

Occasional on-screen captions provide fascinating information about Sami culture.

Watch while unwrapping your presents or nursing a glass of mulled wine, it’s an opportunity to appreciate the sights and sounds of a frozen landscape. The shots of snow covered forests, hills, and traditional Sami settlements without intrusive narration is the next best thing to actually being there.

Give a gift of All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride to put some hygge into your loved one’s life. Watching this two-hour trek is as soothing as enjoying a warm mince pie in front of an open fire.

All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride is available to order from Amazon.


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