Desert Island DVDs: Thomas Enger


Norwegian crime writer Thomas Enger is a former journalist. Rights to his debut novel, Burned, sold to 26 countries including the UK and USA. The sequel, Pierced, was shortlisted for the Riverton Award, a prize given out to the nation’s best crime fiction. Compared to Stieg Larsson, his dark and gritty series will continue in 2017 with the publication of Cursed.


Heat (USA, 1995)

‘This is probably the one movie I have watched the most times since its release in 1995. It has a wonderfully structured plot and a brilliant cast. What more can you wish for? Great music, perhaps. It has that as well.’


Glengarry Glen Ross (USA, 1992)

‘I may have lied a little bit about the «watched the most times» thing in reference to Heat. The last 45 minutes of Glengarry GlenRoss probably holds the number one spot. This movie is originally a play written by David Mamet, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1984. The dialogue in this novel is music, it’s poetry, and when you have a cast that includes the likes of Al Pacino, Ed Harris, Kevin Spacey and the legendary Jack Lemmon – to name but a few – you are in for a treat. The scene with Alec Baldwin in the beginning is also a classic.’


Shawshank Redemption (USA, 1994)

‘Originally a short story by the one and only Stephen King, this movie is incredibly beautiful. I could listen to Morgan Freeman’s voice over all day. Thomas Newman’s score is also magnificent. Another one of the movies I have watched over and over again.’


10th Kingdom (USA, 2000)

‘This pick might come as a surprise, but one summer a few years ago we went to the local supermarket and looked for a DVD to watch as the weather was really bad, and we just picked this DVD series mainly because it lasts for seven hours or something (so we could fill the rainy days…) Much to our surprise it was highly entertaining. It depicts the adventures of a young woman and her goofy father after they are transported from New York City through a magical mirror into a parallel world of fairytales. While it’s not normally my kind of genre (I only watch it with my kids), it’s easy to tell that people had a lot of fun while making this.’


The Newsroom (HBO, 2012-14)

‘As a former journalist not having missed the profession much after I quit, this series made me yearn back a little bit to the news desk when stories are breaking. It’s written by Aaron Sorkin and has that Sorkinesque super sharp ping-pong dialogue throughout. Highly entertaining. Too bad it wasn’t renewed for more than three seasons.’

Iceland Noir booking information.

Thomas Enger is published by Orenda.



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