Desert Island DVDs – Kati Hiekkapelto


Flying the flag for Finnish literature, Kati Hiekkapelto’s uncompromising politically charged novels have been nominated for the Petrona Award and the Glass Key. Her second novel The Defenceless has won Finland’s Best Crime Novel of the Year award.

Ahead of her appearance at Iceland Noir, Orenda will be publishing The Exiled. A potently chilling thriller, it will undoubtedly solidify Kati’s reputation as one of contemporary Nordic Noir’s edgiest novelists.


The Punk Syndrome (Finland, 2012)

‘A documentary of my favourite punk band, Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät. It is a film about punk music, punk attitude, disabled people and their rights to be equal in the world where everyone should be productive, healthy and beautiful.’


Punk – tauti joka ei tapa, Punksters and Youngsters (Finland, 2008)

‘Another punk documentary from Finland. It tells the history of Finnish punk and makes me want to be young again.’


Into Great Silence (France, Switzerland, Germany 2005)

‘One more documentary, this time about silence. Chartusian monks living in Grande Chartreuse monastery in France don´t talk too much. This beautiful, peaceful film gives a rare view to their ascetic and silent life and appeals to me deeply. Filmed without a crew and artificial lights the picture is hypnotic and tranquil. Complete opposite to the lives I, we, live and yet so full of meaning and presence. The director Philip Gröning approached the monastery in 1984 and got the answer: we are not ready for the filming yet. Sixteen years later he got a letter again: we are ready now.

I would call this a true slow life’.


Ronja Rövarsdottir, Ronia The Robber´s Daughter (Sweden, 1984)

‘I grew up with Ronia, Pippi, Emil and other characters created by Astrid Lindgren and I am sure that her books are one reason to the so called Nordic wellfare and equality.

Ronia is a story about friendship, love, family, justice and nature. Landscape in deep Swedish forests is just stunning. Sometimes, when I go into the forest I can hear ”Ajattara” (a spirit known in Swedish and Finnish mytology as a Devil of the Woods) screaming just like in Ronia-film.’

Outlander 2014

Outlander (UK, USA 2014-16)

‘I had to get one new series here and it definitely is Outlander! I am completely hooked. I have always thought that Scottish men are hot but now I drool over them. Haha!’

Thanks to Kati Hiekkapelto and Iceland Noir.

Iceland Noir booking information.

Kati Hiekkapelto is published by Orenda


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