Desert Island DVDs – Ragnar Jónasson


Dark Iceland author reveals his castaway choices.

Co-founder of the crime fiction festival Iceland Noir, Ragnar Jónasson’s has already earned a reputation as one of Iceland’s foremost crime writers. He has been cited by critics as one of Nordic Noir’s most distinctive emerging voices.

His debut novel Snow Blind was listed as one of 2015’s best crime novels by The Independent. Orenda published a  follow-up, Night Blind, in 2016.

The second sequel, Blackout, has recently been released. Two further instalments in the Dark Iceland series are being translated into English by Quentin Bates and will be issued by Orenda Books.

Ragnar is currently overseeing a TV adaptation of Snow Blind.


And Then There Were None (UK, 2015)

‘I really loved the new television adaptation of Agatha Christie´s classic. It was stark and beautiful, stayed true to the plot and showed Agatha´s darker side.’


Life in a Fishbowl (Iceland, 2014).

‘A surprise blockbuster in Iceland, a quiet and excellent drama, probably the best Icelandic film in years, starring two of Iceland’s most talented actors of their generation, Thor Kristjansson and Hera Hilmar.’


The Night Manager (UK/USA, 2016).

‘Absolutely superb crime series, gripping from start to finish, with top notch actors and high production values, and of course based on a book by a great author.’


Alibi & Black Coffee (UK, 1931).

‘Two lost Agatha Christie films, the first Poirot film adaptations, starring Austin Trevor. I’d love to find them and bring them with me to the desert island!’


The Bridge – Season 1 (Sweden/Denmark, 2011).

‘Probably the best Nordic crime series to date, terrific cast and a great script, keeping the audience at the edge of their seats.’

Thanks to Ragnar Jónasson and Iceland Noir.

Iceland Noir booking information.

Ragnar Jónasson is published by Orenda.



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