Book News: Kjell Ola Dahl to be published in the UK

Orenda Books signs bestselling Norwegian crime writer Kjell Ola Dahl in two-book deal

Karen Sullivan, publisher of Orenda Books, is delighted to announce the acquisition of World English Language rights for Norwegian crime writer Kjell Ola Dahl’s next two titles in the Gunnarstranda series, in a deal negotiated with Anne Cathrine Eng of Gyldendal Agency, in advance of the London Book Fair.

Karen says, ‘Kjell Ola Dahl is a magnificent writer, an international bestselling, award-winning author (most recently picking up the prestigious Brage and Riverton prizes) and certainly one of the key proponents of Nordic Noir. I am thrilled and excited to have the opportunity to publish his next two novels. Literary, fast-paced, with an uncanny psychological element, and some of the most seamless, tightly woven plots in crime fiction, Kjell Ola Dahl’s books are the perfect addition to the Orenda list, which hosts some of the finest names in international crime fiction. Kjell Ola has been on my wish list for some time, and this is an incredible acquisition for Orenda. I can’t wait to work with him and his inimitable translator, Don Bartlett, to get these titles out in English. I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.’

Kjell Ola says: ‘I was delighted when I learned that Karen Sullivan at Orenda Books would publish my books. I have heard a lot about her, and I am sure she will do an excellent job for me and my protagonist in the British market.’

Anne Cathrine says, ‘We are proud and very happy that Kjell Ola Dahl’s next two titles in the Gunnarstranda series will be published by Orenda Books. Karen Sullivan is a brilliant, very dedicated and enthusiastic publisher … She already publishes our Grand Master of Nordic Noir, Gunnar Staalesen, and has made the English publication of his books a resounding success.’

The Faithful Friends will be published in Spring 2017 and The Ice Swimmer (working titles) will be published later that year.

For more information visit Orenda Books’ website.


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