Newcastle Noir in Springtime!

Members of Stirling’s Nordic Noir group were at the Newcastle Noir festival and they have written an excellent report on the weekend’s talks.

Nordic Noir

NN word cloudAnother year has passed…and this blog is two years old!  The Nordic Noir trend seems to be in its middle ages, new TV shows being made as we patiently wait, filling our time with tv shows from other places with similar elements –  dvds, box sets and books a plenty, not all new but some newly translated. We even had the marvelous Sophie Grabol over last summer for a stint at the Edinburgh International Festival in the third of the James plays.

We started the year with a small Nordic Noir New Year celebration followed by a Nordic Noir Burns Supper.  It would seem that as a group of like minded friends we can work the Nordic and Montalbano theme into any social occasion! Montalbano is easy, nice food and something that evokes sunshine.  The Nordic is a bit more challenging but the social commentary element is ever present!

Sheila reading Tam O Shanter at the Nordic Noir Burns Supper Sheila…

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