Nordic not Noir

Stirling’s Nordic Noir group recently visited the London Book Fair and have written about the new Scandinavian titles seen and the role played by translators in bringing these dark tales to our high street bookstores.

Nordic Noir

On a recent trip to London Book Fair (an industry event where many book rights deals are negotiated)  to assist at the Publishing Scotland stand  I was delighted to discover a Nordic countries stand.  The stand was sizeable and each country had their own section. Groups such as the Swedish Literature Exchange and the  Finnish Literature exchange were represented.

I picked up copies of The Swedish Book Review which is the journal of the Swedish-English Literary translators’ Association.  It contains information on upcoming Swedish titles translated into English and other related articles.

I also picked up some of the catalogues from Icelandic publishers Crymogea (mainly art and photography books) , Odinsauga and Bokabeitan who describe themselves as a ‘progressive new publisher with a mission to promote reading for children, teens and young adults.’ Their keywords are quality and choice.  I loved Odinsauga’s raven logo and their choice of font, it reminded me…

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