From Nordic Noir to Nero Nostra? Inspector Luca

Nordic Noir

From Nordic Noir to Nero Nostra?  Inspector Luca

As an erstwhile reluctant, then fully converted, follower of the Saturday evening BBC4 slot, the Montalbano series was my ‘chill out with chocolate’ comfort zone.   The all too early ending of the series left a gap which was filled, curiously enough, by Nordic Noir.

Nudged slightly protesting into said Nordic Noir, I started to try to analyse what it was that made the two very different programmes so satisfying.   (Quantifying the unquantifiable?)

The Nordic Noir formula could arguably be defined by the six Ps of politics, passion, power, psychology, press, and place.   On the other hand, Nero Nostra appears to have a slightly different focus encompassing duty, camaraderie, seduction, sustenance, society, survival.   


And so to Luca….  

Expecting something along the Montalbano lines (Mafia power, camaraderie of the job, challenges of outside work relationships, ethical decisions – all dished up in…

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