DVD Review: Klown

In his last headlining movie Sacha Baron Cohen parodied Muammar Gaddafi, once again looking to news headlines for inspiration he is currently developing a film inspired by Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao’s $65 million reward to any man who could successfully persuade his gay daughter to marry him. Cohen’s production company Four by Two Films is nurturing the project under the stewardship of Paramount Pictures. According to reports in Variety after seeing Danish comedy Klown the comic actor best known for playing Borat flew to Denmark and hired screenwriters and stars Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam to script the forthcoming film.

A spin off from a highly successful TV series that ran for four years, Klown is an eccentric, bawdy, and quixotic comedy which delights in breaking taboos. One of the most successful films at the Danish box office, its record breaking domestic run is believed to have generated the equivalent of twelve million US dollars. Frequently compared by fans to Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Hangover, the cult appeal of this movie has not gone unnoticed, after a run on the American festival circuit Warner Brothers bought the rights to remake it and commissioned Danny McBride (Kung Fu Panda 2) to write a screenplay.

Frank (Frank Hvam) learns that his wife has been keeping her pregnancy secret because of doubts about his abilities to be a stable father. A hapless loser constantly being manipulated by the self-serving and borderline Machiavellian, Casper (Casper Christensen). Ineptness is contrasted with extreme self confidence in a mismatched friendship.

Frank’s behaviour at home confirms his wife’s worst fears and she is contemplating booking a termination. Ejaculating in his mother-in-law face and leaving a child alone in a property whilst it is being burgled are not the actions of a dutiful parent.

Determined to prove her wrong he takes 12 year old nephew Bo (Marcus Jazz Petersen) on a canoe trip to the annoyance of best friend Casper ( Casper Christensen) who is concerned that his carefully planned libidinous weekend is about to be sabotaged. Lurching from one misadventure to another, the trio travail the waterways in search of an exclusive brothel but along the way are forced to a take a multitude of unexpected detours. Against a backdrop of outlandish and occasionally catastrophic incidents Frank tries to form a meaningful bond with Bo and learn what it means to be responsible for a child’s welfare.

Irreverent, outrageous and extreme, Klown will tickle your funny bone and then do something obscene to it.

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