Borgen Series Three, Episodes 1 A Child of Denmark &2 The Land is Built on Law

An excellent review from the University of Sterling’s Nordic Noir discussion group.

Nordic Noir

As Sidse mentioned at  Nordicana earlier this year Borgen 3 has a different feel to it.  After tonight’s two introductory episodes I would say it felt less political and more personal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes over the course of the series.  Initially it felt a bit empty but Katrine’s haphazard torn apart private life seemed to fill that hole.  Kaspar seems to have very much taken a back seat and Torben seems to have taken some of the limelight at the TV channel.

Katrine’s emotional roller coaster twisting and turning through the roles of new mum, reporter and single woman was painful to watch.  It contrasted nicely with Birgitte’s organised smooth flowing personal life where the biggest problem was a virtual continental skype breakfast with her love interest!  It was interesting to note that her character was driven by wanting real political change rather than money…

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