Nordicana – A two day show celebrating Nordic Noir fiction, film and TV (Day 2) by mvo

Yet again those clever folks at the University of Stirling’s Nordic Noir discussion group have done a great job in communicating just how special Nordicana was.

Nordic Noir

 On Sunday the big draw was the Borgen Screening and Dramatising Politics panel discussion. Initially episode 16 was shown, this is said to be the best ever episode of Borgen. It’s the one where the audience find out about Kaspar’s back story and Birgitte has to decide about her daughter taking anti-depressants. The large and varied panel members* spoke about various topics such as the technicalities of screenwriting and certain rules they adhered to such as not referencing any real life political events of the last 30 years. They also spoke about how they chose actors ( a mix of new and established actors) and how the show was not to be about a bad politician as that was nothing new, but rather they would address ‘badness’ by focusing on a politician’s home and family life.
One interesting point that came out of this discussion and Q & A session was…

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