Nordicana – A two day show celebrating Nordic Noir fiction, film and TV (Day 1)

Those nice people at the University of Stirling’s Nordic Noir fan discussion group have written a review of Nordicana’s first day that makes me want to experience the event all over again.

Nordic Noir

The length of the queue  on a cloudy Saturday morning in Clerkenwell, London was surprisingly long, showing just how popular the Nordic noir  genre has become.  Upon closer inspection it became obvious that for the vast majority of people attending at 10.30am was probably a civilised time in their day just after morning coffee and a quick scan of their daily broadsheet. Shared passions can bring out the best in people but can also fire up their competitive side.  The crowd was older, calm and seemingly fairly well read and there appeared to be no competitive edge at all.  A journalist, a Finnish translator and a lady who did not own a television all spoke in the queue and they explained that they had been quite captivated with the Nordic noir television dramas and books recently available in the UK.
 farmiloe 1
Joe Pidgeon, the event’s organiser on behalf of Arrow films explained…

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