The current state of British crime drama or, how I learned to stop worrying and love Scandinavia.


‘There’s something of the Scandi shows about The Fall…Celtic noir? Move over Denmark, Belfast is the new Copenhagen? Could be’ (guardian, 2013). Sam Wollaston’s interpretation of BBC Two’s latest crime series The Fall got me thinking about the rise of crime series in the UK, particularly those that appear to be styled in the vein of Scandinavian crime drama. However, is this the only reason that viewer’s tuned into this new drama?

There seems to be a pattern emerging whereby critics are labelling every new crime drama as the new Forbrydelsen, Wallander or The Bridge. On the other hand, these new British crime series are also seen to fill the void left by these Scandinavia imports. For example – and even I am guilty of this (for promotional purposes of course!) – ITV’s Broadchurch brought up many comparisons with Forbrydelsen and in several articles it was revealed…

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