Äkta människor (Real Humans) – Season 2 News


The Swedish science fictions series Äkta människor has recently been broadcast in Australia and France. Audience response in both countries has been positive and eager fans are clamouring for information about the currently in production second season whilst we in the UK have yet to get confirmation on when, or indeed if, we will get to see what may quite possibly be the best Science Fiction series to air on TV within the last ten to fifteen years.

SVT has confirmed that Äkta människor will return to Swedish screens on 1 December.

Two spoiler filled  links are posted below (trailer included).


SVT has released some tantalizing hints of what is to come in season two;



046579-003_echtemenschen3_02-Photo Johan Paulin - Arte

Here’s some VFX breakdowns for season one;


SVT have released a few examples of the visual effects from season two:


Real Humans, saison 2 : première photo de la suite et une date pour la reprise

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10 thoughts on “Äkta människor (Real Humans) – Season 2 News”

  1. Marie Robertson is looking a bit dangerous there.
    I’d like to know, technically, if the images are altered digitally, or if these are purely actors with make-up.

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