The Making of ‘Nordic Noir – MAT252’

An interesting curio. Library music that approximates the orchestral scores found in our faourite Nordic Noir series. Collections like this are made for industrial use and are essential to low or medium budget productions due to it being cheaper to license a track from library compilations than commissioning a composer to create a new piece.

The publisher’s description of the album;

As Scandinavian crime phenomena like ‘The Killing’, ‘Wallander’, ‘Millennium Series’ and ‘The Bridge’ continue to keep us all at the edge of our seats we asked some of our Swedish writers to give us their best interpretation of Nordic Noir.

The result is a collection of dark orchestral pieces with that unnerving Scandinavian calmness and chill. The melancholy, intense suspense we’ve all come to love while watching obsessive, dysfunctional men and women sacrifice all to solve the crime; whether they are wearing knitted jumpers, leather trousers or nothing at all.

The album wouldn’t be complete without a nod to Nordic political dramas like ‘Borgen’ so look out for the section dedicated to the ‘secret state’.

Further info available here;


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